With the holidays coming to an end and rain lashing at the windows, we spent a cosy morning listening to The Archers Omnibus while cooking a cauldron of chicken curry. Big questions for the never-ending radio soap opera this new year are : will David Archer loose the dairy herd and what are the Grundys up to now?

View of rainy garden from kitchen

An occasional glance through the rain spattered windows should have been enough for me to feel contentedly occupied with the pile of vegetables I’d been assigned to peel and chop ….

Raindrops on window pane and terrace of grasses

After all, at least at first glance, the wet and woolly garden outside was not an inspiring sight ….

Close of a gang of rain drops

I am not, nor will I ever be a good photographer : that these droplets were in focus at all was a sheer fluke. What I inadvertently captured reminded me of something I’ve come across in blogs this year – to look closer and closer still.

Raindrops reflected inversion of grasses terrace

To my delight, not only is the garden reflected in the lenses of the rain drops but it appears upside down. This is one of the many marvellous things I wouldn’t have thought to look for had I not started blogging this year. In this case, it was an exquisite image in a post  ‘The upside down world in raindrops’ by Frogend Dweller back in November 2015.

Close up of rain drop

So, I’d just like to say thank you to the bloggers I’ve enjoyed following this year, it has been such fun, I’ve learned a lot and seen some astonishing things along the way. Never mind The Archers, I can’t wait to see what you all get up to in 2016.