Answering the phone on Friday evening, I sighed thinking ‘oh please, not another sales call’. Wrong : the caller was a researcher letting us know the garden will be on Gardener’s World on Friday 19th August, BBC2 at 8.30pm.

Filming Barn House Garden, BBC Gardener's World

Filmed in late October 2015, the footage was to be shown this autumn. Hearing that it had been brought forward was a nice surprise.

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Who knows, given that the garden is open until the end of September we may even enjoy a few more NGS visitors?

Abigail Rex image : Hitesh and Kate September 2015

Image © Abigail Rex, September 2015

As confusing as it may seem to viewers, we’re described as a Gloucestershire couple living in a Welsh postcode whose grassy garden was “inspired by living in the Far East”. Given the blurb, I’m hoping for some esoteric ‘dingly-dangly’ music to complete the Bermuda Triangle effect.


The footage of Barn House Garden is 15 mins into the YouTube video.

If you’d like to see what the garden looked like last October please press play.