‘How did you get to be on television then?’ asked a recent visitor as they gazed at some bindweed flowering in the miscanthus hedge. That’s a very good question. Without going into the subplot of how I have shamelessly waylaid any poor unsuspecting professional (or good garden blogger😉) who happened to be passing, in my quest to pick their brains about how I can improve upon my work, the answer is ‘Thanks to the NGS’. Horticultural journalists like Mandy Bradshaw with a critical eye for plants, design and the niggling details found us in The Yellow Book in 2013  – their flurry of articles sent us on our way.

Western Daily Press Image 2013

© Western Daily Press. This was the hedge back in 2013, in July of this year Mandy noted how the rudbeckia is diminishing

Cotswold based, she recently ventured across The Severn Bridge and braved the narrow lanes, this time to visit Jackie Healy at nearby Greenfields. Since we last met Mandy has set up a great website, The Chatty Gardener.


I love this image of Jackie’s nasturtium hedge! © Mandy Bradshaw.

She has kindly posted two pieces, the second ‘Gardens on the edge 2# is about how my grassy garden has developed over the years.

Bindweed Miscanthus

Bindweed drives me bonkers …..

The title made me laugh, perhaps she means ‘of reason’ too?